A Letter from our Founder

brian-headshot-skiCardWiser started in 2013 as a proof of concept for converting values from closed-loop systems into open-looped systems specifically focused on the stored value card industry.

From this core technology, which resulted in the filing of 5 separate patent applications, our focus shifted to more seamless back-office functions which allowed other corporations, developers and innovators to leverage our resources to facilitate these transactions seamlessly within their own frameworks.

This white-label solution now operates behind the scenes in multiple enterprise-level environments that do everything from the mundane conversion of cards to cash, to more complicated transfers of balances between stored value products that have many dissimilar characteristics.

We are simultaneously developing our own smartphone application that will integrate with major virtual currencies in order to provide a more user-friendly experience for stored value card holders.

If you have a product that fits into the stored value space and wish to discuss incorporating or licensing our technology for your project, drop us a line at: innovate@cardwiser.com


Brian Culwell
CardWiser, LLC